YOGA Docente

''Hatha Yoga allows you to dissolve tensions and let energy flow 
throughout the body.''

My name is Lika, I'm a Hatha yoga teacher at I AM WOMAN. I’m a specialist in the Sivananda Technique. Besides that I have completed post-formation courses in order to teach yoga adapted, pregnant women and yoga on the chair.

In a lesson with me you will learn how to breathe properly step by step following breathing techniques (Pranayama) which allow you to clean up body and mind. By doing this you'll be focused and ready for the practice.

You will learn how to get in to and out of the positions (asana) guided step by step, respecting your body and your level of practice.

Each asana provides specific benefits: physical (elasticity, flexibility, strength, coordination, postural correction), mental (concentration, determination, relaxation) and spiritual (mental peace), in order to achieve a state of relief, comfort and well-being. The relaxation that follows each posture and that concludes the entire lesson allows to dissolve the tensions and flow the energy throughout the body.


You will be able to experience all this in a single lesson and maintain it thanks to constant practice, I invite you to begin!

You will find me every Thursday and Saturday at 9 in the morning at I AM WOMAN.


Come if you need help with proper breathing, proper posture, calming the mind, letting go of the stress and stretch your whole body after a hard training. I will be very happy to guide you.